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Why are we different?

In the last 10 years the phone recycling industry has exploded with literally 100's of websites springing up offering more and more money for your old iPhones and iPads but they seem to disappear as quick taking your device with them!

Or they offer you £100's for your device only to them offer you £20 once they have it!

So when we launched this website we decided to address all the problems in the recycling industry and fix them!


PROBLEM: Websites offering the most money then offering way less when it arrives with them:

The majority of phone recycling websites suck you in offering crazy amounts for your old iPhone or iPad to sell it to them. When they receive it the price dramatically drops for the cosmetic condition. 

How to check for this: Does the website say things such as "Up to Price" or small print saying things like "The price will depend on the condition of the device once tested" or they will lower the price offered for "scratches / any marks".

SOLUTION: We DON'T downgrade your iPhone or iPad for cosmetic condition such as scratches, ALL devices will have wear and tear marks over time and that's fine by us!


PROBLEM: Other recyclers offering "Freepost" untrackable postage and your device goes missing in the post!

Most recyclers offer a simple freepost service that they pay the basic postage and you trust that your expensive device doesn't go missing or get damage in the post, If it does you won't get paid! Or it takes a week for it arrive with the recycler!

SOLUTION: We offer a Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Guaranteed insured upto £500 service! - So it arrives the next day, Its trackable the entire way, you know the second its arrived and best of all WE PAY FOR THIS!!


PROBLEM: You post your device to a recycler and they make up a reason to lower the price!

Reading the negative reviews for other recyclers it seems that some when they get devices lower the price offered for a reason that you didn't know about!

SOLUTION: When we receive your device and test it we VIDEO us testing it! So if we find anything actually faulty about it we would send you the testing video and report showing the fault.